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Bangs Island Mussels

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These rope grown mussels from Portland, Maine are harvested only twice weekly. They are the plumpest, tastiest mussels we've come across. Sold in a two pound bag to scratch that moules frites itch!

Bangs Island Mussels are grown sustainably with low impact harvesting techniques with a biodiesel fueled fleet. Bangs Island Mussels start their lives as wild juvenile mussel seed that are grown series of rafts, each with hundreds of specially designed "droppers" that provide a safe habitat for our mussels to mature.

Recipe for our favorite moules frites included!

Mary M. says:

The quality of your product has been so high that the vegetarians have fallen into carnivorous chaos.

Pensri H. says:

I love the selection you placed into my box this month. In fact, I haven't spontaneously and repeatedly shouted out in glee and excitement in a while.

Gregory C. says:

The variety. I love to cook and I love to explore so to know you’re listening/thinking about me as an individual customer makes me feel like some badass chef or something and you’re my trusted purveyors. So fun.

Anjelica P. says:

Holy sausage. We just tried the sweet sausage you had given us and holy moly I think we need an endless supply of that in my freezer they are incredible!!!!

Victoria J. says:

No contact, super reliable, and confirmation via text letting you know the status of your order.  Plus we get to support local farms and producers, and a great women-owned small business!!  Win-Win-Win!

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