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Standing Rib Roast

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The classic holiday roast — frenched & tied — straight from the sustainable pastures of Autumn’s Harvest to your door. This beautiful holiday centerpiece has the traditional charm we all crave with modern sensibility of humane and responsible sourcing.

Serving suggestion: A 1 bone roast serves 2-4 people, if you have questions about quantity please reach out to us!

Suggested accompaniments: red wine sauce.


Please note this item is not available for delivery immediately. It is part of our Holiday 2021 offerings and will be delivered the week of 12/20.


Tuesday 12/21: Manhattan hand deliveries.

Wednesday 12/22: Brooklyn hand deliveries and overnight shipping.

Thursday 12/23: Westchester hand deliveries.

Mary M. says:

The quality of your product has been so high that the vegetarians have fallen into carnivorous chaos.

Pensri H. says:

I love the selection you placed into my box this month. In fact, I haven't spontaneously and repeatedly shouted out in glee and excitement in a while.

Gregory C. says:

The variety. I love to cook and I love to explore so to know you’re listening/thinking about me as an individual customer makes me feel like some badass chef or something and you’re my trusted purveyors. So fun.

Anjelica P. says:

Holy sausage. We just tried the sweet sausage you had given us and holy moly I think we need an endless supply of that in my freezer they are incredible!!!!

Victoria J. says:

No contact, super reliable, and confirmation via text letting you know the status of your order.  Plus we get to support local farms and producers, and a great women-owned small business!!  Win-Win-Win!

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