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All natural all grass-fed beef hot dogs that are uncured. Free of the eight major allergens. From a Mom and Mom butcher shop, Butcher Girls, hand delivered to your door.
All natural smoked and uncured kielbasa. No additions of nitrates or nitrites. Using pastured heritage pork and grass-fed beef from New York. Hand delivered to your door from a Mom and Mom butcher shop, Butcher Girls.
All natural uncured bratwurst, with no nitrates or nitrites added. Using pastured heritage pork from Sir Angus William farm in Craryville, New York. Hand delivered from a Mom and Mom butcher shop, Butcher Girls.

Butcher Girls Sausage Party

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It’s summer, let’s party! Our sausage party is just that - enough sausage for everybody you feel comfortable partying with and then some. As always, the sausage is made with grassfed beef and all natural pork - no hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrates/nitrites. Plus, shipping is free... SO LET’S PARTY!

Sausage Party pack contains two (2) packs of each type of sausage. So that’s 2 6-packs of dogs, 2 4-packs of brats, and 2 4-packs of kielbasa.

***Orders only ship Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Sausages ship frozen. Please refrigerate upon arrival!