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Gift Subscription: Omakase Box

Gift Subscription: Omakase Box

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  • Curated selection of beef, pork, and lamb based on your own likes and dislikes.
  • Every week, you can tell us what you liked (or didn’t), what you want to cook every day for the rest of your life or what you’d rather starve than eat again. (Histrionics optional.)
  • We’ll include recipe cards, how-tos, plus a helpline!

    About the Omakase Box:

    Sometimes its nice to sit, without worry, and have someone else take care of you which is why we love going to an Omakase sushi dinner — the chef asks “Anything off limits?” and then sit back and allow him/her to feed us. That’s our goal with the Omakase box and to recreate that personalized experience, we need you to complete your profile as soon as you place your order. Take your time when you fill it out and be specific! If there’s anything you know you don't want be sure to let us know (I’ll pass on the beef tongue) — same goes for things you’re super psyched about (bring on the beef tongue!?!). Let us know your favorite cooking techniques, dietary restrictions, how many people you’re cooking for, etc. Trust us, we’re reading, taking notes and obsessive about getting this right for you!

    There are three Omakase boxes, little ($100), medium ($175) and big ($250) but instead of thinking about them in quantity, we want you to think of them in market price. A big box can serve a family with a variety of cuts or two people with super high end cuts. Like we’ve said (I think we mentioned it a couple times, right!?! ), tell us everything we need to know about your in your profile and as we get to know you, we will fine tune your selection to fit your perfect order over time.

    The Omakase box is not only a gateway to finding creativity in your kitchen, it is a safety net for us in continuing our mission of utilizing the entire animal. Our style of butchering is about helping folks explore the whole animal, get some exciting new cuts and reliable favorites every week from butchers they trust. It’s about getting great meat from local, responsible, sustainable farmers straight to your home without going to a butcher shop and maybe feeling intimidated or unsure. We’re here to teach, listen, and guide you. We’ve got your back.