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Local seafood, sourced from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster in Long Island City.  Includes one 8 ounce filet of salmon, an 8 ounce filet of white fish and shrimp.  Delivered straight to your door from a LGBTQA+ butcher shop, Butcher Girls.
Line caught local salmon.  Always fresh, never frozen.  No additions of antibiotics or hormones.  Delivered to your door from a family run small business, Butcher Girls.
Local line caught white fish, eight ounces.  Organic wild seafood, always fresh never frozen.  Delivered straight to your door from a mom and mom butcher shop, Butcher Girls.
Organic and local, wild shrimp.  Sourced from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster.  Delivered straight to your door from a family run small business.

Seafood Box (Subscription)

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Finally, fish and meat in one place! Our pals at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster source the greatest fish around and we're bringing it to you.

  • Includes one filet of wild caught salmon, one filet of white fish (rotating seasonal selection), and six shell-on shrimp. (If you’re not a fan of shrimp or either fish, please customize your box below. We also offer lots of seafood as add-ons, here.)
  • If you need something special (like lobsters, oysters, whatever!), you can always holler at us and we will try to get it for you.