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Local pork fat rendered into a stick of butter. Hand delivered to your door from a Mom and Mom butcher shop, Butcher Girls.
Local lard from grass-fed pigs raised ethically in Craryville, NY at Sir Angus Williams Farm.  Hand cut and wrapped.  Delivered straight to your door from a full animal butcher, wasting nothing, Butcher Girls.

Lard AKA Pork Butter

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Rendered pork fat in the form of a stick of butter -- perfect for biscuits and pie crusts or braising pork shoulder for carnitas!

  • Only available with the purchase of a subscription box.
  • Father and son run family farm in Craryville, NY, Sir Angus Williams
  • All pasture raised Berkshire pigs (with, not to brag, the oldest genetics in the country)
  • No antibiotics or added hormones