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Autumn's Harvest /// Romulus, NY

Tim and Sarah Haws have owned and operated Autumn’s Harvest since 2001, and added a calf and cattle beef program in 2003. They are who we wish all farmers were and should strive to be. They took and eroded, bald farm and through enormous devotion to regenerative agriculture, rotational grazing, and multi-species farming have transformed their 200 acres into a lush, beautiful farm that is Animal Welfare Approved and GAP certified.

Tim and Sarah raise Murray Grey cattle - animals proven to thrive on grass and open pasture. The intensive rotational grazing practices at Autumn’s Harvest ensure the cattle have access to grass, exercise, and vast open space. This healthy lifestyle erases the need to hormones and antibiotics. The cows eat grass their whole lives and forage on things like legumes and herbs. Meat from these well loved animals has less total fat, less saturated fat and cholesterol, more vitamin A & E and two very important health-promoting fats called omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleum acid.

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Gibson Family Farms /// Valley Falls, NY

Gibson Family Farms is a champion of humane and sustainable farming practices with whole-hearted dedication to permaculture. Owned and operated by Dustin & Kassie, the couple commits to better our environment by regenerating native vegetation and soil through gentle grazing and thoughtful agriculture. Their berkshire hogs spend their lives on silvopasture (a mix of field and forest) and are fed a non-GMO feed mix made onsite in addition to rooting for nuts and grubs in the woods. They have as much access as they want to root, wallow, run and rest in the shade -- just the way pigs are supposed to live. Hogs never need or receive any antibiotics, hormones or other medical treatment.

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Elysian Fields /// Ruff Creek, PA

Farmer Keith Martin and acclaimed chef Thomas Keller, lead Elysian Fields/Pure Bred Lamb with one guiding principal: you are what you eat. Elysian Fields raises our favorite lamb in America — Dorset ewes crossed with Suffolk rams. Keith doesn't just look at one aspect of the animal’s life — rather he focuses on the breed, the feed, the water quality, the overall sustainability practices of the farm and, most importantly, animal compassion.

The pair even have a patented system (Safe Alternative) that tracks feed, growth, and movement of each animal so that we, as consumers, are more connected to the food we eat and the farmers that grow them.

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Snowdance Farm /// Livingston Manor, NY

Twenty years ago, Susan and Marc Jaffee got the heck out of New York City and headed to Sullivan County where the founded Snowdance Farm, an acre farm in Livingston Manor. Their beautiful pastured, free range heritage birds are raised on the farm but like to roam right up to the Jaffe’s backyard. The chickens are not vegetarian fed because chickens aren’t vegetarians! They roam around as they like eating bugs, grubs, berries, and marigolds. These are quite frankly the best chicken in the region! (The Jaffes also raise pork, beef and lamb on the farm. And Susan makes the best damn ketchup we’ve ever had!)

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