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Keep It Simple

We believe that simple is best and at the end of day, the healthiest. Our animals are raised simple and naturally - on pasture, with access to clean water, beautiful grass, and the great outdoors. Our animals are never fed soy or corn, and are hormone/antibiotic free. We want to bring the cleanest and most delicious meat straight to your doorstep -- we’ve done the heavy lifting, so you can eat a beautiful steak and exclaim “Dang! That tastes like a STEAK!”

Leave It Better Than You Found It

We are committed to working with farmers who naturally raise their animals using regenerative farming techniques meaning they are actively reversing climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.  – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.   In the US, over 90% of livestock is raised in crowded pens on concrete, draining the earth of water and depleting her precious, nutrient rich soil for financial gain. Our farmers don’t.

People (and animals!) Before Profits

Customers - If you don’t know us, you will soon. When you send an email, we answer it! (It might be from the couch at 11pm, but we’re here for you.) If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. If you need a pick me up, we’ll send you a picture of our kid feeding our chickens. We’re not just butchers, we’re your personal butchers.

Animals - We visit every farm, every slaughterhouse and sit in the living room of every farmer we work with. We are fiercely passionate about sourcing responsible meat that is as gentle on the environment and as respectful to life as possible.

Employees - We prioritize the care of our team just as much as we prioritize the care of our animals. We want everyone on our team to have a career they can be proud of. This means fair wages and health care in addition to work/life balance for enrichment and restoration. Hell, we even take care of each others’ kids. We want to give people a path, not just a paycheck.

Equality of Access

We believe good meat is a right, not a privilege. You shouldn’t have to support the industrial food supply because you aren’t able to get to the closest whole animal butcher. We’re here to bring personalized, sustainable and regenerative goods straight to your door. In an effort to widen circle of access of clean protein, we donate leftover fresh meat to queer youth programs and supply the hospital where our daughter was born with bone broth for staff. We also encourage you to purchase a subscription for a family in your community who may not otherwise have access to good meat. Of course, you can also gift good meat to those who have access but don’t know better (yet!).


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