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Is your meat fresh?

Heck yes! We receive weekly whole carcass deliveries from our upstate farmers. We carefully breakdown each carcass and custom cut each steak as we pack your deliveries. If you have questions about freshness, always trust your nose - but when in doubt, please reach out to us!

Has my delivery been frozen before?

Some of those other guys, send box loads of frozen meat, but not us. Because we receive meat so frequently directly from our farmers, you can rest assured that your order has never been frozen. It’s important to us to send your fresh meat so that, when life gets in the way, you can freeze any of the vac sealed steaks or ground products with peace of mind. Each package is clearly marked with a freeze-by date.

What’s that smell when I open a bag of meat?

We vacuum seal all our meat to ensure it’s freshness when it arrives to your door. Plus, vac sealing makes sure the meat doesn’t leak or become contaminated in any way.

When you open the bag, though, it will have a small aroma. The meat in the bag has been in an anaerobic environment so, once opened, will off gas. Put the steak or grind on a plate on the counter (or in the fridge if you’re not cooking right away) and within a few minutes you’ll be good to go. (If it still smells, email us!)

How long can everything last in the fridge?

You should try to consume or freeze everything within 7-12 days of receiving it. 

Beef is the most resilient in the fridge and can last up to 14 days. As always, once you open the steak and it off-gasses, trust your nose.

Pork and lamb should be eaten or frozen within the week.

Poultry should be frozen immediately.


Where does your meat come from?

Our meat comes from small family-owned farms across New York State. We source locally because it’s important to us to minimize our carbon output by shipping cattle from all the way in Australia or New Zealand. Plus, we get to support our local farmers right in our back yard! What could be better?

Their diets are free of drugs, chemicals and most importantly all animal by products.

Learn more by checking our our farms page for a deep dive about our farms. And, hey, if you want to go visit them we’d love to put you in touch!

Is your meat organic?

Our meat is not organic certified because we work with honest to god small family-owned farms. While they are not certified, they beat the organic minimums and raise meat in a way that when you feed it to your granny she’ll exclaim “Damn, that tastes like meat the way it used to be.”

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Go visit our farms!

Is grass-fed beef fat healthier for you than regular, grain-fed beef fat?

Grass-fed beef fat has significantly lower less of saturated fat compared to that of grainfed animals and eating grassfed meat in place of grain-fed has been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease. Grass-fed beef also has more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids,  more omega-6 fatty acids (linolenic acid), and more antioxidants in general such as vitamin E and B12.

Is your meat hormone and antibiotic free?

Yes, our meat is free of all hormones and prophylactic antibiotics.


How do you package the meat?

After hand cutting all our steaks, we carefully vacuum seal them for freshness in fully home-compostable vacuum seal bags. Once you’ve enough of our products, simply rinse the bag and pop it in your home or community compost. While this makes us a little more expensive than the other guys who use non-recyclable and non-compostable plastic, it’s where we draw the line. There’s enough plastic in the world, and we don’t want to contribute.

How do cows impact climate change? It’s not … good, right?

They can be, but ours aren’t. Commodity beef (the kind frozen or shrink wrapped at the grocery store) is raised on CAFOs. CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feed Operations where in cows over the age of 7 months are taken from pasture with their mothers and put on concrete, pumped full of hormones and corn so they grow quickly and cheaply without regard to their welfare or the impact on the environment.


They practice what is called regenerative agriculture where the animals (specifically, their 💩)to literally generate the top soil on the farms on which they are raised. Rotationally grazed cows, pigs, lamb and chicken provide vital nutrients and important bacteria back to the soil through their manure and their chomping stimulates new grass growth, which can help the plants sequester more carbon. 

If farmers only grow the same vegetables on the same top soil year after year without using rotationally grazed animals to regenerate the soil, the vegetables will strip the soil of all nutrients to the point where it will no longer be able to be used to grow crops at all.


Where do you deliver?

We offer hand delivery in New York City and overnight delivery coast to coast.

How will I know when my order is on the way?

For NY metro area customers, you will receive an email when your order leaves our shop. You will then receive a series of texts as your driver gets closer to your house. You can also track them to be sure you’re home! (If you aren’t able to wait at home for your delivery, you can reach out about overnight delivery options at

For shipped orders, you will receive a UPS tracking number once your order has been shipped. We ship orders Monday through Thursday overnight delivery.

How will my order arrive to my home?

If you’re in the New York metro area, the morning of your delivery, our staff lovingly packs every steak, sausage and pack of grind into a reusable Butcher Girls insulated bag. Each delivery includes a bag of dry ice (plus ice packs during those dog days of summer) and is transported in a YETI cooler. The meat will arrive cold but our insulated bags are not “coolers” - pop everything in the fridge or freezer as soon as you can!

If you’re receiving your order via UPS, order arrive packed with a 5LBs of dry ice in an insulated sleeve and a Butcher Girls box. The dry ice will keep your meat cold during transit but you should open the package and put all the contents in the fridge or freezer as soon as you can!

Do you reuse the Butcher Girls bags?

Yes! To help us maintain an environmentally friendly system, please leave the bag outside of your front door, or with your door man, prior to your delivery driver’s arrival. Our bags are fully sanitized between deliveries with FDA and USDA approved sanitizer used in meat and poultry processing plants.

Do I have to pay for the Butcher Girls bag?

The cost of 2 delivery bags and delivery materials is included in your membership fee.

Dry ice is scary. How do I dispose of it?

Every pack of dry ice comes with a blaringly hot pink caution / how to card. We pop holes in the dry ice bag so it doesn’t pop, so when you receive your order, simply leave the dry ice on the counter (away from kids and pets) - it will evaporate over the next few hours. Then you can pitch the bag in your regular garbage.

Why is there a delivery fee? Do I need to tip the driver too?

We charge a delivery fee to pay our delivery drivers a fair wage! Our delivery drivers are paid with the delivery fee, and you can include a tip if you feel great care was given in your subscription's transportation and delivery. No amount is wrong, rude, or unthoughtful!

Can I forgo the delivery fee and pick up directly from you?

We are not currently a customer facing shop because we have a very adorable, very unvaccinated toddler so we aren’t inviting anyone other than staff into the space. If you have an issue with the delivery day scheduled for you, feel free to reach out to us and we can figure out an alternative for you and we can make it work.


How do I view and update my subscription?

You can view your subscription by logging into your account, heading to your profile, and clicking “Manage Your Subscription”. 

When will I be charged for my delivery?

Three days before your charge date, you will receive an email giving you the heads up that your subscription is coming up. When you get this email, it’s the perfect time to change or skip your delivery if needed. It’s also a good time to add add-ons to make sure they’re delivered with your subscription.

For weekly and biweekly subscribers, you will be charged on the same day each week (every Thursday, every other Friday, and so on.) Monthly folx will be charged on the same calendar day of the month - for example, if you get charged the 23rd of the month you will always get charged on the 23rd. If you have a special occasion coming up and need your delivery earlier or later, please reach out to

You will receive a second email notifying you you’ve been charged. You order will be delivered the week AFTER you are charged. Please reference our delivery page for delivery schedules.

That said, can I change my subscription date or frequency?

Yes! You are in charge. We know plans change and you won’t always been in down, staring at the door waiting for your BG meat so can change skip a delivery, manage the frequency of your subscription or pause by logging into your account, clicking “Manage Your Subscription.” Then select either “Change Date” or “Change Frequency.” Be sure to make these change before your are charged. If you need to make a change after you've been charged, please email a request to

How do I add, or change, the products in my subscription order?

You can edit the products in your subscription by logging into your account, going to your profile, clicking “Manage Your Subscription” and scrolling down to “Products in Your Subscription”. From here you will be able to delete products, swap them for other items and change the quantity. To simply add a new product, log into your account, select the item you wish you include, and click on “Add to Existing Subscription” (rather than “Add to Cart”).

How do I update my preferences for my subscription?

You can edit the products in your subscription by logging into your account, heading to your profile, and selecting “Edit Account”. From here you can click through and update your information.

How do I add "add-on" items to my subscription order?

Add-ons will always be shipped with your subscription order. If you order them before your subscription comes up, we will hold your add-ons until your subscription will be delivered. Add-ons must be added before Saturday at 5pm to ensure delivery with the following week's order. If added later, it will shipped with your following subscription. You can add a la carte products by logging into your account and creating a new purchase. For a detailed step-by-step on how to add-on items to your subscription, click here.

If I place a new order, do I have to pay the membership fee again?

If you already have an existing subscription, registration fees will automatically be deducted from additional orders.

If my order has already been processed, but I realize I won’t be home am I able to push back my delivery?

If your order is not already en-route and you realize you will not be able to receive the bag, shoot us an email requesting the order to be pushed back. We can either send it with our delivery driver the following week, or for an extra charge ship your box overnight! If you have not already received, and wish not to receive, your order, please email to request a refund. Refunds typically take 1-3 business days to post to your account.

If your order is already on the road, we will not be able to cancel your order or take back any product. (Once meat has left our facility, we are not able to bring in back in-house.)

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