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Adding Products to an Existing Subscription

To add a product to an existing subscription, make sure you're are log in to our site. Only then will the Add to Existing Subscription button will appear, which allows you to add new products to your existing subscription.

    1. Enter and select the Account Management Icon.

    1. Log in to the account with your email and password.
    2. Navigate to a product that you would like to add to your subscription.
    3. Select Add to Existing Subscription.
    4. Select Add.

When a new product is added to an existing subscription, the new product will share the same renewal frequency that the previous product was using. As a result, the original subscription product and the newly added product will be on the same recurring orders moving forward.

If you want to add-on a product as a one time purchase only, please make sure to add the comment as a note before checking out.


I Don't See the 'Add to Existing Subscription' Button.

Ok, don't panic. If you don't see the button is probably because you are subscribe to an old version of our subscription. Since January 2022m to improve your experience, we're asking all our customers to please renew their subscription so they can enjoy new benefits and features. Don't worry, if you're already a subscriber, you don't have to pay the membership fee again. At check out, use code 'NOFEE' and we'll waive the cost of the new membership.

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