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Joce Guest is an army brat who spent her childhood in Germany. She spent her young adult life as a party reporter for New York Magazine by day and improv comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade by night. She is a story teller by nature but after some time working in comedy in Los Angeles, she set out to be a part of a different sort of a story – in a restaurant kitchen. Once she began to cook, she realized that not all meat was created equal and became passionate about sustainable and compassionate livestock practice. She apprenticed at Lindy and Grundy’s Meats in Los Angeles California before she returned to New York City as the head butcher at Dickson’s Farmstand. She began to consult with restaurant meat departments, often helping the program to be more sustainable in its practices through whole animal utilization. To her, with a little creativity and passion, we can change the protein supply chain. Jocelyn was the co-owner of White Gold Butchers on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She currently lives in the New York countryside with her wife and daughter.

She is the recipient of the 2019 James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program Scholarship.

Jocelyn loves small family farmers, big skies, dive bar juke boxes, and her 1990s Jeep Cherokee. She loves to jump rope and do walking lunges while carrying a hindquarter of beef. To her, showtunes are the perfect music (just try at come @ her about it).

Erika Nakamura was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan by a Japanese father and an Austrian-American mother. (She grew up an animal rights vegetarian!) She moved to NYC as a junior in high school. In college, she studied visual arts and taught sculpture at the Harlem School of Arts. Her food career began as a dish washer and prep cook at an Indian restaurant in Tokyo. Back in NYC, she attended the French Culinary Institute. While working at NYC restaurants, realized her love and desire for the craft of whole animal butchery. Erika apprenticed at Fleisher’s in Kingston NY and opened Lindy & Grundy’s Meats, her first nose-to-tail butcher shop. in Los Angeles, CA. Erika worked as a consultant, making restaurants more sustainable and responsible in their sourcing and impact on the environment. Erika was the co-owner of White Gold Butchers on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She currently lives in the New York countryside with her wife and daughter.

She is the 2014 recipient of a Rising Star Chef award (Artisan Butcher) and is on the Board of Directors of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

Erika loves fluffy clouds, the color of the sky at dusk, long bike rides and sitting on park benches with friends. She loves to pet cows, cut up chickens and seam out hams. She loves to sing karaoke, bake naturally fermented bread, and prepare elaborate Japanese dishes for family and friends whether or not they’re hungry.
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