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Meat Subscription delivery in the NY Metropolitan Area

Nowadays, we are getting used to buying anything online and getting it to our front door effortlessly. It’s an amazing feeling, with one click, you can simplify your days, strike through a couple of items in your to-do list, avoid traffic, or even having to get dressed to go to the store. Now, you can even get your meat delivered to your doorstep. Beef, pork, lamb, and chicken from sustainable and humane farms to your home in 3 easy steps.


meat deliver to your house

Step 1: Complete your profile. Take your time when you fill it out and be specific! If there’s anything you know you don't want, be sure to let us know (ex: nothing with a bone!). The same goes for things you’re super psyched about (ex: I can eat pork chops every meal forever!). Trust us, we’re reading, taking notes, and obsessively curating the perfect, personalized Box for you. 

Step 2: Pick your main Box.

If you want to choose what will be in your order then go ahead and add the Essential Meat, Chicken, or Seafood.

If you’re tired of making decisions and want to leave it up to the experts, we’ve got you covered with the Omakase box. (More on those here.)


Step 3: Choose your delivery frequency and add-ons. With your Boxes determined, next, you’ll decide how frequently you want deliveries, and finally, what Add-Ons you may need. You can browse Add-Ons separately from the Boxes, but remember, you need to purchase a Box to choose Add-Ons. (Get it? You can only ADD it on). So, say you subscribed to that Chicken Box and an Essential Box but you have guests in town – that week tack on a ribeye! Or, maybe you’re hosting a brunch – add eggs and breakfast sausage. The world is your, half-pound of bacon.

meat subscription in New York

Whether you choose one of our essential boxes or feel adventurous and want to try one of our Omakase boxes, you’ll love what you’ll find inside your box. Our customers love it and we love to make them too. Like we like to say, you never had meat like this before: Not just because of the incredible taste and quality of our products but also because of how easy it is to add delicious meals for you and your family by just joining the Butcher Girls family.

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