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Omakase Box: Why is it so good? Everything you need to know

Omakase Box is the Butcher Girls signature subscription box, but why is it so good? What’s in it? Well, in a few words, Omakase Box is a subscription of sustainable, local, and anti-hormone and antibiotic meat box delivery to your home. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and why you need it in your life.

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In Erika and Jocelyn’s words is their Omakase Box “like an Omakase sushi dinner, let us know what’s off-limits and then sit back and allow us to feed you.” Omakase, in Japanese, means a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. But there is more to that in the Omakase Box. As the Butcher Girls get to know you, based on your sign-up form (link) and your previous orders’ notes, every new box gets better and better. Have you ever seen the joy of a kid opening a happy meal? Well, the Omakase Box gives grown-ups (and kids if you try their amazing hot dogs) that same feeling. But what’s inside the Omakase Box is nothing like the Happy Meal: If you’re a meat lover, inside the Omakase Box, you’ll find everything you need to live a happy life, and more.


There are three Omakase Boxes to choose from: Starter ($100), Medium ($175), and Premium ($250). Instead of thinking about them in terms of quantity, we want you to think of them in terms of the market price. A big box can serve a family with a variety of cuts or two people with super high-end cuts. Tell them everything they should know about you in your profile, and let them surprise you. Order by order, they will fine-tune your selections to create your perfect order over time. It’s like a Spotify Station but for meat...Meatify? 

The Omakase Box is not just a gateway to finding creativity in your kitchen, it allows Butcher Girls and their farmers to continue their mission of utilizing the whole animal. It’s about getting great meat from local, responsible and sustainable farmers and helping our customers explore the whole animal from butchers they trust. 

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