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Meet Jocelyn and Erika, the Butcher Girls

We could describe Erika and Jocelyn as moms, butchers, and founders — in that order, but they’re much more than that. Passionate, fun, and caring — about their team, customers, and products — they’re ready to raise the standards of butcher shops. 

I mean, by the concept they already are. A virtual butcher shop? That’s risky. But Erika Nakamura & Jocelyn Guest have been whole animal butchers for many years, becoming authorities in the meat world and hospitality experts. For them, taking risks is in their nature. They are fueled by their experience as women, as queer moms, and as small business owners. They aren’t your average butchers. They are unapologetically unique. And so it’s their meat: deliciously unique.

And you can see that not only in the quality of their cuts but also the way they treat every single one of their customers. When talking with Jocelyn about the way she personally curates each Omakase Box based on customers’ favorite cuts, diets, and lifestyles, it really gives you the feeling of having your own personal butcher taking care of you and your family. And when you hear Erika talk about her vision for the shop and passion to deliver a unique experience, she wants nothing but the best for their customers — and the farmers and employees that are part of the Butcher Girls family.

A clear example of their vision coming to life is the Omakase Box: A meat subscription box like no other. In their words, is “like an Omakase sushi dinner, let us know what’s off-limits and then sit back and allow us to feed you.” Omakase, in Japanese, means a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. But there is more to that in the Omakase Box. As the Butcher Girls get to know you, based on your sign-up form and your previous orders’ notes, every new box gets better and better. To learn more about the Omakase Box, click here.

Jocelyn loves small family farmers, big skies, dive bar jukeboxes, and her 1990s Jeep Cherokee. She loves to jump rope and do walking lunges while carrying a hindquarter of beef. To her, show tunes are the perfect music (just try to come @ her about it).
She is the recipient of the 2019 James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program Scholarship.

Erika loves fluffy clouds, the color of the sky at dusk, long bike rides, and sitting on park benches with friends. She loves to pet cows, cut up chickens and seam out hams. She loves to sing karaoke, bake naturally fermented bread, and prepare elaborate Japanese dishes for family and friends whether or not they’re hungry.

She is the 2014 recipient of a Rising Star Chef award (Artisan Butcher) and is on the Board of Directors of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

With many awards on their backs, Jocelyn and Erika are also the moms of Nina, and we can assure you that that’s their most important achievement. 

To learn more about Butcher Girls, follow them on Instagram or click here to see their bios.

And if you’re ready to see them in action, start your subscription now.
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